How to install

Working with our high-quality skins is much easier than with the ones you’ve been used to. It won’t show under the tiniest amount of dust and won’t be bubbling like phone screen protectors.

The simple application is shown in the video below. For safety, please clean the surface of your laptop with the wiper provided.

About FOLTAC film:

Thick and durable

It's much easier to put on than your cell phone's screen protector. Can be retrieved several times during installation. As a result, it does not stretch, it remains dimensionally accurate, unlike its counterparts ordered from China. The film can be removed without a trace.

Easy installation

Due to the design of the air duct, you can also push the last small bubble out from under the foil. The adhesive "finalizes" 2 hours after application. If you remove it afterwards, it can no longer be reattached.

How to install:

Clean the surface

Kérlek a mellékelt törlőkendőkkel tisztítsd meg a felületet a portól és zsíros szennyeződésektől.

Install the foil

You may want to remove 2-3 cm of foil from the paper as shown in the video and begin loading at the edge of your MacBook (about 1 millimeter from the inside). No problem, if you fail at first, you can get it back and start the process again. Be careful not to crease the foil.